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                                  PRINCIPLES OF DESIGNING AND IMPLEMENTING MULTIFUNCTIONAL                                          HARDWARE PHOTOTHERAPY DEVICES 


Khlynov Mikhail Anatolyevich, Postgraduate student, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University,
Baranov Vladimir Nikolaevich, Doctor of medical sciences, professor, sub-department of cybernetic systems,
Institute of cybernetics, informatics and communication, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University,
Rashev Renat Ramazanovich, Postgraduate student, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, 

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The article is devoted to the multi-color phototherapeutic device with a wide range of medical effects and the principles of its construction. This device provides the possibility of carrying out light-emitting diode irradiation, using phototherapy and photoreflexotherapy. Polychromy and wide therapeutic application of the device under consideration are provided by the following technical decisions of the authors: the use of three-colored RGB-light-emitting diodes, together with a modulator of light-emitting diode radiation, which generates spatially modulated
light-emitting diode radiation and possesses new biotropic characteristics. A variant of the medical-diagnostic complex is offered, including the phototherapeutic device to provide the feedback with patients. 

Key words

RGB-light-emitting diodes, spatial modulation, device for phototherapy, medical-diagnostic complex. 

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